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Related post: Date: Fri, 7 Oct 2011 09:02:26 +0100 From: 12year old naked pussy Micheal Chukwu Subject: Remember Me 7 I'm Your Husband Ron caught Leo before he could get the door open. He could indian 18 years nudes see Leo was desperate to not let him see him breakdown. Leo was going to get out on the damn teens 12 years pics street to prevent him from seeing him do anything weak. Ron held on to Leo and never wanted to let go. What the hell was he doing? He wondered. How long could he hide his feelings from Leo? Especially when Leo was suddenly opening up to him this way. He hadn't been prepared for what Leo had told him about his past. Leo had remembered something. How long before he remembered him? How much 16 years porno pic time did he have with Leo before he had 15 year girls nude to risk losing him forever by telling him the truth? "I need to be alone." Leo said, pushing away from 14 years girls fucking Ron. He rubbed his good hand down his face, first one cheek then the other, removing the traces of tears. Leo sounded so stiff, so formal. All pulled together. Damn him. "That's all. Just take me back to the bar. You've done more than enough. I really appreciate and?" "I don't think being alone is what you need." 14year girl nn Ron wanted to kiss him, to make all his heartache go away. That was impossible, but he sure as hell wasn't leaving Leo alone. "You don't know what I need." He was right. Ron didn't know what Leo needed. If he'd known what Leo needed, he would have asked him to open up to him during their marriage. He wouldn't have let his own husband 12 year old naked suffer in silence, never so much as asking a single question about his childhood beyond where he grew up or if his parents were alive. Leo hadn't wanted to talk about it, and Ron hadn't pressed. Leo had a charming way of living in the present, and he'd made it so easy for Ron to let him. Don't ask; don't tell. That was the Bradshaw way when it came to emotions. "I know a little about keeping your feelings to yourself," Ron said. "You can't make feelings go away just by hiding them." "Oh, yes you 16 year girls pussy can." Ron thought for a minute Leo was going to say more, but he just stared out the passenger window, his expression stoic. He wanted Leo to tell him that he'd lost his memory, that he had these flashes that were clearly coming back to him. Most of all, Ron wanted Leo to trust him. "Not completely." Ron said. "You can't make them go away completely." Leo shrugged. "Good enough for government work. That's one of Morris' favorite sayings." His eyes, red and still damp, met his. Leo's brief breakdown might porn girl 14 years have never happened - his emotions were all 13 years nudists tucked away in some secret place Ron had never been. "You said he was small years porno like a father." "Morris is the only father I've ever known." Leo's birth parents had died when he was very young. He had grown up in a series of foster homes. That was all Ron knew. "How did you meet Morris?" Ron still hadn't started the engine. The windows were down, and people passed by on 14 year xxx girls the sidewalks. But 14-year-old cunt they were in their own world, free 14years old teens inside the truck's cab. "On the beach." Leo gazed out of the windows, watching the tourists in their colorful Florida garb. The sounds of palms, stirring in the breeze mixed with the noise of cars and voices; but it all felt very distant. "I had just - arrived - in the Keys, and he 13-16 years porn offered me a job, and a place to live. He was kind and generous. I was pretty much on my own and he gave me the new start I needed." "How did you get here?" Ron was curious about everything that had happened to Leo in the last eighteen months, especially going back to the night Leo had disappeared. Leo's answer didn't satisfy him. "Bus," was all he said. "Why did you come here?" Leo looked back to Ron now. "Some things just feel? right. You know what I mean? You don't have to know why." Ron's heart wrenched. Why, was all he wanted to know. He held Leo's gaze for a long moment. There was still one trace of moisture on his cheek, and Ron lifted tgp 14 year old his hand slowly, very slowly and wiped it away. "Are you happy here, Leo?" Ron wondered if all the longing, desire and need in his heart showed in his eyes. All he knew was he couldn't look away. Leo smelled deliciously sweet. His skin was soft beneath his touch. Leo felt impossibly wonderful. "Yes." Leo said finally. "I'm happier than I've ever been." Ron was dying. He had to be dying. His heart couldn't hurt this russian 16 year girl much without killing him. Yep, he should have stopped while he was ahead, when Leo had told him Thunder Key felt right. Leo remembered the foster father who had brutalized him, but not Ron. I'm happier than I've ever been. He dropped his hand and leaned into his place in the truck's bench seat. It took all his power to keep his emotions out of his voice. "I need to get you home," Ron said. "I'll pick up the prescription after I drop you off. Just tell where the pharmacy is." He started the engine and drove 16 year naked gallerie back to the bar. ************** Leo's hand was killing 15year old pussy him, but he wanted to work. No way was he going to sit up in his apartment, leave Johnny and the waitresses shorthanded and wait for another freaky phone call. He could still manage the taps, just a bit slower than usual. He had to explain what had happened to his hand about two million times cute 15 year xxx before the night was over; everyone asked. He answered their questions vaguely and tried not to think about everything that was bothering him. A man sat at the end of the bar fiddling with a digital camera, and at one point, Leo could have sworn that he took a picture of him. It wasn't uncommon for tourists who stumbled onto the colorful, Keysy bat to take photos of it, but somehow Leo didn't think this man 14 years nude girl was a tourist; and he didn't think the man had taken a picture of the bar: he had taken 14 years incest a picture of him. Leo's imagination had been working overtime lately, and he worked to shake off the weird 13 year girls foto feeling the man gave him. The man wore a windbreaker. He took a cell phone out of it and spoke into sexy 12 years sex it several times while watching him. Once, Leo thought he glimpsed something dark tucked into the waistband of 12 year girls nude his jeans, beneath the light jacket. It looked like a gun, and Leo's blood froze. He mentioned it to Johnny, and he 16 year pussy girl asked the man if he was carrying a concealed weapon. The man left without answering Johnny's question. The uneasiness of his presence remained behind, filtering through Leo's evening. Maybe he had been wrong. Maybe that wasn't a gun he had seen. Maybe the man had just been taking a 15 years porno touristy photo of the bar. Maybe he had just offended a customer. But he was glad when the man had gone. Ron had gone back out for his prescriptions, but Leo knew the pain medication might make him sleepy, so 14 year old tgp he had decided to wait until closing time to take it. Ron insisted on staying to work the buffet, which kept him mostly out on the deck, to Leo's relief. The day had been exhausting, strange and Leo still didn't know what to think about any of it. The phone calls; the strange man in the bar?and Ronald Bradshaw. Ron was so gentle and haunted and yet somehow terribly forbidding all at once. With every moment that passed, Leo knew he could very easily let himself fall for a man who could only ever be his friend. And amateur 14 year that was bad: very bad. Even so, the very xxx galleries 16 year sight of Ron sex pictures 12 year made his heart beat faster. Worse, Ron somehow free girls 17year-old touched an emotional chord within him that, had 10-14 years porn teens memories spilling to the surface. "I'm going up," Leo said in general when the bar was empty. Shanna and Johnny had things just about cleaned up. The other waitress 15 years teenporn had already left. "I'll lock up." Johnny said. "How's your hand?" Ron asked. "Fine." Leo nude photo 10-12 years picked up the pharmacy bag from the shelf below the bar. "Thanks again," he told Ron. Leo locked the back door near the office and stairs to the apartment. Leaning against it, he let out a sigh. No more leaving the back door unlocked, period. He had gotten lax, living in the friendly Keysy environment. Whether someone had been in 14 years sex pic his apartment or not, whether the strange man in the bar - who might or might not have been carrying a concealed weapon - was watching him or not, it wasn't a good idea to leave a non public door of the bar unlocked, ever, even when there were teen 14 year pissing people inside. The door that led to his apartment was isolated, set off from the dining patio, hidden by large shrubbery. Upstairs, Leo took off his clothes and put on the pajamas he wore at night. The apartment was quiet, and he felt exhausted and restless. He knew what was wrong, he was afraid to go to sleep; afraid of what more he might remember or dream. Too often he had nightmares. Sitting in the middle of the pulled-out Murphy bed, Leo let his fingers trace again the faint marks on his arm. He knew they were cigarette burns. From one foster 13-year-old girls upskirt father or another porno under 15 years one? How many foster homes had he lived in - and why? Was that what his mind was blocking? A terrible childhood? Or something else? I know who you are. 16years mpg I know what you have done. What had he done? Who was he? Don't think you can ruin my life. Whose life had he been in the position of ruining? He knew somewhere deep and hidden, that it had to be more than that he'd had a foster parent who abused him. He had done something. Could remembering it be any worse than what he was dealing with now? He turned off the light and shut his eyes. teens porno 14 years He hadn't taken the pain pill. He'd started to take it, but somehow couldn't bring himself to put it in his mouth. It was one 14 years girls xxx of those instinctive things, like cats and peas. He didn't like pain pills. Sleep didn't come easily. Instead, he kept thinking - what if remembering was worse? He drifted, half awake, for a long time, thinking 16years girls fucking back on the day. Walking on the pier with Ron. Lunch with Ron. 10 year porn The 14 year girls forbidden trip to the turtle hospital. Sleep finally folded him in. teen 15 years porno dark and heavy. Leo was in the lighthouse, trapped. Hurricane winds and tides beat against the walls. Creaking mortar and stone? and then water - pouring in; choking. He was choking. Then he was in a car, underwater. He flailed against the wheel, pounded at the closed window. Panicking, his hand gripped the door handle, pushing and pushing. A man lay on the floor, dead, blood pooling around his flaccid body. Leo felt something cold and heavy in his hand and he looked down and saw nudes 16 years a gun. He sat bolt upright. It took harrowing beats for him to realize the darkness surrounding him was only his own night-draped apartment. He sank back against the cold sheet. He couldn't stop shaking. ************** Ron woke early. The orange-rimmed horizon filtered in through the patio teen 14 years fotos sheers. He made coffee in the small automatic coffeemaker in the bungalow, downed one cup and laced up his running shoes. Leo was on the bar's back stoop when Ron showed up. He was locking up with a key hooked to an elastic wristband. Ron was glad to see him being careful. He was just glad to see Leo. Every day, Ron opened his eyes and was grateful that Leo was alive and on Thunder Key. Even if he didn't want him in the end, Ron could learn to live with it. Just knowing that Leo was alive was enough - almost. Constant in the back of his mind was the chance that Leo wouldn't want him once he knew the truth of who he was. Not that he 15 years sex mpg was ready to give up yet; not by a long shot, and he was planning to make damn sure nothing else happened to Leo. He was worried about these phone calls. He needed more time. It was too soon to tell Leo 10 years girls xxx the truth, but the more he thought about those phone calls, the more he thought about the bizarre circumstances of Leo's disappearance eighteen months ago? What if it was all connected? Once the thought had occurred to him, he couldn't shake it. "Morning." Leo looked startled. "Oh. Ron. Hey." Leo took in Ron's gear. "I was just about to go for a run." "Mind if I tag along?" Leo looked as if he did mind, but he also looked exhausted. His eyes were rimmed with shadows, his face 16 year slut porn too pale. "How's the hand?" Ron asked as they took off. He knew Leo had a regular routine down the beach, into town. He would stop nude girl 15 years for a café con leche at the Cuban coffeehouse, and 16 years sexy topliste then walk back to the Shark and Fin. "Great. alarisse 12 year pictures Much better." "No more weird phone calls? No more accidents?" "Nope. I'm sorry about yesterday. I'm sure I gave you the wrong impression, breaking everything in sight, having a panic attack and?crying." Leo looked embarrassed and angry with himself. "You just decided to look into buying the bar on my worst day ever. But it's a new day." He increased his pace. "Don't feel like you have to keep sixten year old porno up 16 years teen porno with me." Damn. Leo was trying to lose him. And Leo was completely closed up. Whatever he was thinking 28 years porno or 10 years angel nude feeling, no way was he girls 13 year porno letting Ron in. "I'm in shape." Ron increased his pace to match Leo's. Leo gave teen sex 16years old him a quick sideways glance. His cheeks were still pale, but his eyes were hot. Then he looked straight ahead again. Kept running. "You know, the whole 12 year old nudists phone thing was probably just messed-up lines," Leo said. "Happens sometimes out here in the Keys." "Maybe," Ron said. Who was Leo trying to convince? "I don't need any self-appointed bodyguards." "Wouldn't dream of it," Ron said, keeping pace with Leo, measuring his long strides against Leo's shorter ones. Leo stopped so abruptly Ron skidded in the sand turning back. Arms on his hips, he glared at Ron. Ron closed the distance between them with a quick stride. "Then why are you here?" Leo demanded. "I run alone. That's teen 14 years porn how I like it." "I want to be your friend; and I don't think it's safe." "Okay, the truth comes out." "You had some strange phone calls. thirteen year old tits You don't know if it was phone problems." Leo looked away, shielding his eyes. He gazed out at the water. "This isn't New York City," he said tensely. "It's sleepy little Thunder Key." "Can you think of any reason teens 14 year xxx that someone would be harassing you?" Ron waited, but Leo didn't answer. "If there's something going on, something frightening you - anything - you have to tell me." A bird swooped over the water, 16 years old sexmovie plucked a fish from the sweet years teens blue depths. The breeze fingered Leo's hair. "I don't have to do anything," Leo said stubbornly. "I'm not going to let anything happen to you, Leo. No matter what I have to do. I'm not going to let you be hurt." Leo's eyes darkened with something akin to confusion. 16 years teens nude "Why?" he demanded suddenly. "Why do you care so much?" "I can't stand to think that you might be in danger. I don't want anything else to happen to you. Not now, not ever." "Anything else?" Ron knew he was scaring Leo. And he felt so lost; as lost as Leo looked in that moment. "Do I know webcam teens 13 years you?" Leo 12 year teen fucking demanded, not for the first time. "I look at you?" His voice trailed away, almost broke. Ron barely heard girl 11 years the rest of his words. "I feel as if I know you. And it just makes me want teens 15years old hot to?" "What?" Ron grabbed Leo's arms. "What does nudes 15 years old it make you feel?" "Let go of me!" Leo tried to twist out of Ron's hold. And that was when he noticed the man in the trees. He was naked teens 14 years standing just inside the hammock of mangroves lining the beach. 16 years teen pics The sun caught the lens of a camera pointed directly at them. Then Ron saw the gun tucked into the waistband of the man's jeans. Leo noticed Ron's cold stare over his shoulders and stopped struggling. He turned his head and saw the man too. The man in the trees sank back, and disappeared. Ron wanted to chase after him, to catch him and question him. But he knew that he would never catch the man. He had been maybe twenty yards or more from them, and the woods were thick. Ron didn't want to let go of Leo. "That's the man from the bar." Leo said. He looked back at Ron. "He was taking pictures yesterday. He was taking photos of? I thought he was taking photos of me." "Why?" Ron asked, cold dread snaking through his gut. He held on to Leo tight. "Why?" "I nudes girls 16 yeares don't know." Leo shivered in the warm morning breeze. He looked exhausted enough to collapse any minute. "He was at the bar last 70 years women porno night. I felt as if he was watching me. I thought 16 year nude movies he had a gun in his jacket. Johnny spoke with him and he left. And I thought someone broke into my apartment yesterday when we were on the beach. I thought my apartment had been searched." "You didn't tell me. You didn't tell me about any of this. Only the phone calls." "I wasn't sure." Leo whispered in anal pic 14 year an aching voice. "I thought I might be paranoid or imagining it." It killed Ron to see Leo confused and afraid. Someone was stalking 17years sex videos him - calling him, watching him russian 16 year old and photographing him; someone who had a gun. And it could all be ilegal years nude connected to the past: the past Leo didn't remember: his strange disappearance. There was no time for anything?but the truth. The wonderful, awful truth. Ron looked into Leo's soulful eyes and prayed that he wouldn't hate him by the time dusk came. "I want you to come back to the hotel with me. And then there's something I have to tell you." ************** Ron's words were ominous, as was the look on his face. Leo had to know what he had to say. The sensation of surreality overtook him and all he wanted girls 12 year nude to do was run, 14 years teens porno despite how tired he was. Ron took him back the way they had come, then up the deserted road from the bar. They flew over the little bridge, and then turned down the mangrove path through the trees to the other side of the island. They came out 12 year xxx pic 16 year foto sex of the trees, 16 years porn galeries into the balmy brightness. He'd seen the White Seas from a distance, but he'd never been close to it. The hotel itself was classic Bahamian style, but Ron 12-year-old girl russian nude led him around the back, away from the multistoried hotel, toward the individual guest bungalows. The guest bungalows were restored little cigar makers' cottages. Traditional tin roofs, blue shutters and porches. They slowed to a walk and 10 years child porno Ron naked teenagers 16 years took Leo's hand as he led him down the bricked paths 12year old pedo cp lined with sculptures. Latan palms, Barbados cherry trees and Spanish limes scented the air. Dizzy shock spun through Leo. Do you smell that? It's Spanish lime. Isn't it delicious? You are delicious. He nipped his lips, teasing his mouth open? Leo stopped so abruptly, Ron who had his hand still tightly holding Leo's pulled forward before he realized he wasn't following. "Leo?" Ron's dark eyes pierced his soul. "I've been here before," Leo whispered thickly. "Yeah," Ron said. "Do I know you?" Leo asked him sexy 12-years old again. His pulse jumped erratically. It felt like forever and a split instant for Ron to answer. "Do you know me?" "Yes." Ron 16 year old preeteen said again. "Yes." Leo ripped his hand from Ron's. He wasn't thinking, only feeling, reacting. He ran from Ron, past the bungalows, off the path and onto the beach. The panic attack doubled him over, heaving him to the sand. Sick. He was going to be sick. Leo stumbled to his feet and kept 14 years pic running. "Leo! Stop!" Ron was chasing 16 year girl xxx him; and no way in hell was he going to be able to outrun Ron; not when he was about to throw up any second. But he couldn't stop trying. "Leo." Ron called again, and this time he caught him. They stumbled to the 14 years girl jpg sand together. Ron did his best to protect Leo, twisting so that Leo ended up 14year old girl pussy falling on top of him. His arms held Leo tightly. Safely. No, 17 year nude girls not safe. Leo thought. Ron wasn't safe. He was a liar. He had asked him before if he knew him, and Ron had said no. And now?. "Let porno 17 years me go." "No. Leo." Ron held on even as he 15 year old schoolgirl struggled. "I can't let you go." "Why? Who are you?" Ron twisted again, pinning Leo to the sand. He wasn't hurting him, but he wasn't letting him go. Leo felt sand against his back and the pounding of Ron's heart against his. Ron stared into his eyes and his looked as wild as Leo knew his must be in this moment. Cold fear and a strange hope tangled inside Leo's chest, wrapping him in something so unreal it was like another dream. Another nightmare. "I'm your husband."
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